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The most advanced online advertising marketplace to launch

Ads2Trade, an automated, web-based, outdoor media aggregator and trading platform is set to launch in South Africa, promising to revolutionise the estimated R5 billion local Out of Home (O.O.H.) advertising industry. South Africa (and a number of other African countries) will be the first to rollout this global franchise.

A robust, secure, auditable and integrated online O.O.H. marketplace, Ads2Trade will allow media buyers to effortlessly create an entire audience-optimised advertising campaign for their clients. Media owners, meanwhile, will be able to cost-efficiently market & sell their outdoor advertising inventory in a simple-to-use, central online location.

The solution based media aggregator is also poised to equalise the O.O.H. advertising playing field by making trading efficient & cost-effective for both corporates and ad agencies whilst, simultaneously enabling small businesses to buy O.O.H. space easily and on an equal footing.

“Think of it as ‘the AirBnB’ solution for Out-of-Home advertising,” says Daniel Voros, CEO Ads2Trade. “On this trading platform, media buyers - whether they are a small, corner, mom & pop store, a SMME or a large corporate, - can all book directly or via their agencies by simply searching, selecting and booking ad-space, transparently and accurately.

“A huge distinction to others who have tried to walk this path is that media inventory will be available to book in real-time.”

In addition, Ads2Trade also provides full backend campaign management tools - from contract finalization to proof of flighting – while a team of experts are available online or by phone to assist and advise advertisers throughout the entire process.

Using an advanced filter selection process that is integrated into Google maps, clients can zoom in and search for their ideal media space.. Media buyers will be able to select a combination of Out of Home media that includes anything from large format billboards to in-store retail digital ads.

“For the media owner, meanwhile, our trading platform allows them to more efficiently market their stock, improve occupancy, boost rental revenue, attract new clients and reduce operating costs by plugging businesses – large and small - right into the Ads2trade online marketplace,“ says Voros.

If required, Ads2Trade also provides a full service management process benefitting both media owners and media buyers alike, from planning & booking to professional photography, design, printing and drone services. Proof of flighting reports can be tracked and shared directly from the platform.

“Ads2trade will have a massive local and global impact in much the same way as the Uber and Airbnb online technology has revolutionised the Taxi and accommodation industry world-wide. With the reduction of turn-around times, costs and ease of reporting, deals will be closed much faster than before,” adds Daniel Voros.

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