Navigating around Ads2trade is rather simple, on the left hand side you will see the Ads2Trade logo on the top of the page slightly below it you will see a location type box this will help you navigate to the area in which you would like to select potential purchases of deals, there are some more buttons leading to more features such as searching by using the more filters button making filtering through assets far more in depth and selecting through start dates and end dates for your specific campaign.

There are also 3 views to select from a x2 tilled view for those who prefer a more image heavy view, a smaller tiled view to display more information on the inventory that may not be displayed on the bigger tiled view and a list view for those who are more admin and information heavy displaying no images just asset information. Typically, Ads2Trade will load its home page on the bigger Tiled view displaying Assets in rows of two.

To the right of the page is Ads2Trade’s map making use of the same functions as google maps there are different views there are more search features within the map too.
to know more about our map please visit the link Using the Map here.

Just above the map is the blue menu bar, here you can navigate through all of Ads2Trade’s features including our help section.
To know more about our help section please see the link Getting Help here.