One of Ads2Trade’s best features the live map function to view assets right to their pin pointed location, the map has its own unique icons and features.

Some of these include:
  1. Search bar
  2. Point of Interest (POI)
  3. Asset Icons

Above is the icon for billboards found on the Ads2trade map but if you take a look each one here is different the circles with black blocks within them display the direction in which the face of the billboard is facing (which way the advert will display) these are North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West and North West. The other two is for billboards that wrap around a building or if preferred to have no facing side displayed. Once an asset is selected you will see the icon changes to a red highlight.

The following icons stand for the following asset types:
Pole Ad


Digital Billboard

Transit Shelter


Litter Bin

Retail / Mall


other (typically used to display more than two types of media in the number circle)

This displays the number of assets in the surrounding area you can click on these circles to zoom in to that area each time, these numbers can range anywhere from 1 upwards depending on the zoom of your map.

Map views
There are tree types of maps, Normal, Silver and Traffic.
Normal is the standard map layout when you log in to the portal.
Silver is a cleaner version of light greys and whites only showing the assets removing the harsher colours.
Traffic shows major traffic routes which is a great benefit for out door advertising space, it will show you clearly where about the best position for your advert to be placed in.

Asset previews:

Asset Previews are when you hover over one of the map icons and a small rectangular box shows above it displaying a small summary of the asset including an image of the asset space.

Adding assets through the map:

There are two buttons on the map section that allow you to add an asset, one is a blue button labelled Add if you click on it, it will take you too a new window to create a new asset you can fill in all the needed information, for more information on this button please visit the link Adding inventory here.

There is another icon with a location indicator/pointer this allows you to drag and drop an icon on an area of the map you are looking at there you can choose to delete the dropped location icon through the cancel selection on the left-hand side of the icon, or choose to turn it into an asset by clicking on Add asset here. When you click on Add asset here it opens up a new window (the same window as using the Add button) to fill in all the necessary fields for your new asset.