Deals are the assets available for purchase. Deals may be viewed in multiple ways one being a tiled view (This shows an image of the asset alongside the details of the available deal). Another view is a list view (This view doesn’t display any asset images but only its' information, which is perfect for an admin like list). There is also a more detailed view when browsing available deals on the main search page. By clicking on a deal, it will open a pop-up side panel on the left-hand side of the screen, here you will get an in-depth breakdown of the entire deal.

Example one of an available deal:

Deal without detail

The deals can be broken down into specific Sections

  • Location
  • Deal duration
  • Rate card
  • Description
  • Demographics

Example two of a detailed available deal:

Deal without detail

To understand the asset/inventory fields within these deals, please visit the Inventory fields section here.