To add inventory there are two ways to go about this, there is an Add button found on the map side of the screen or a map location indicator which serves as a drag and drop feature to add assets through the map location you’re looking at that time. To see more about Ads2Trade maps visit the link Using the map here. Here you will also discover the icons and how they show facing sides.

Once you have selected the Add button a new screen will open, here you will see spaces for fields of important information that’s requested before you can advertise your space. To understand what these fields require or mean, visit the link Inventory Fields here. You will notice that if you click update and some fields are missing that are important it will notify you that you cannot complete the update due to specific fields missing usually this will be displayed in red with the fields highlighted in red as well. You will be required to upload an image no smaller than 790 pixels wide by 420 pixels high and no bigger than 2 megabytes in size.

Once you have added your asset you can then proceed to create a deal for it so that Media buyers may purchase the asset space, to do this visit the link Adding a deal here.