Creating a campaign is a simple process, the steps are as follows.

The first step is to select the create campaign button, this will open a menu on the same line the campaign button was on, here you will find campaign name, start and end dates.

You are requested to first enter your Campaign name it is vital that this information is filled in and is named appropriately especially for searching through your campaign history.

Once you entered in a campaign name you are required to select the dates you want your campaign to start and end. Please note these dates are the dates they will be up for advertisement not including the preparation time for your campaign, so be sure to book well in advance. When your dates are entered in you can see which of the assets you have selected are available for your given dates, these are displayed with a light green box around the asset. Assets that are not available have a red box showing you can not select them. Please note once your dates are entered and you can see your available campaigns they are automatically selected to make creating a large campaign easier so in this way you only have to deselect the assets you do not want.

Below all the assets you can view a campaign summary and it will show you how many Deals you have selected alongside a total cost of the overall campaign. Once you click the create button, a pop up of terms and conditions will show up here you can print for signature approval or just go straight to selecting I accept the terms and conditions tick box and then the accept button to proceed with your campaign.

Once you create your campaign it will be sent to the Ads2Trade admin for approval.