Deals in Ads2Trade are made to advertise your assets. These all depend on the type of deals. To understand more about deal, types please visit the link Deal Types here.

To add a deal, you can either create a new deal within the edit asset window by clicking on the big blue plus button, or by clicking on the big blue plus button from the search window on an available asset.

Deal buttons


This is what the create new deal button looks like, and when you click anywhere in the blue button it will open two new buttons as you see below.



Here you chose what kind of deal you would like to create. There are two types - Fixed dated and Minimum duration deals. To learn more please click the link Deal Types here.

A small pop up window will display on your screen like the ones below. Please note there are minor differences between the two pop up screens for setting up a deal, mostly the date flight selection section and the monthly deal price.

By ticking the Roll over until sold or expired box will increase the publicize date until the deal is sold or expired – expired meaning the available flight date has passed making that current space unavailable for that time.

To understand the term flighting please visit the link Inventory Fields here.

Taking into consideration the currency your Company is set to in your default profile, depending on your asset you may adjust the currency to suit your company’s needs.

Fixed duration deal
Minimum duration deal