Ad2Trade offers proposals that are easy to set up with a layout that makes viewing your proposal simple to understand with all the required information, making a proposal is much the same as creating a campaign only it gets sent into a wait for approval or a draft mode. Proposals give a chance to allow a potential client to discuss with the Media owner or other members within the Media Buyer’s company any necessary information needed. This may be approving the chosen locations or asset types etc.

To Create a proposal as mentioned above is the same as that of a campaign, once desired asset deals are selected into the asset cart/inventory selection box select the button saying create proposal. A proposal name will need to be entered in its indicated text box, then choose the corresponding dates for the potential campaign, this will then show the available assets for that set date by highlighting the deals that are available, if they are not available for the chosen date they will be greyed out and un-selectable. Then the available assets will be automatically selected but allow you to de-select any deals that may not be suitable for the current campaign, after this a summary of all the selected deals will be displayed below, then click the create button here the proposal can be exported to a PowerPoint format or a pdf format.