You can view the map in 3 different preferential views when clicking on number one, the views open up the choice of views listed here below

Silver – shows the icons:

Normal – how google portrays the maps

Traffic – shows the major traffic routes

You can add a new asset via the map by typing in an address, this will zoom into the actual address that you have typed in

The icon numbered 4, in FIG 1 allows you to drag and drop the pin onto the map where you would like to place an asset location. Thereafter, label your asset accordingly.

as in FIG 2. There is also a cancel button, should you change your mind about the asset or prices.

Map icons and what they mean as displayed here below, every icon represents a different asset as in the Fig 1, which represents a Street Pole Ad, and Fig 2 below explains the icons in detail

Navigating the map means you can zoom in and out of the map, by clicking the zoom out or zoom in buttons

You can add points of interests to the map by dragging the icon here below and placing in where you have points of interests

When you drag and drop the pin the image below will open up

Point of interest added as an example of maybe erecting a billboard

After inserting points of interest and you want to delete or clear, you can, as it gives you the option of clearing as demonstrated in the diagram here below