When you need help with any activity on the Ads2Trade system, we offer an in-depth and easy-to-use help section.
To find this, navigate to the blue menu bar on the top right of the Ads2Trade main page. It contains a drop down button labeled Help, once you select it, the help section will slid out from the right-hand side to display a right-aligned sub menu section, with links to different topics. The links will vary according to the page you are currently visiting, for example if you are on the main page the help section will display links to navigating the map and filtering through deals, if you are in your profile it will display help topics linking to all information about the profile window.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact Ads2Trade directly by visiting the link Contact Ads2Trade, or simply send us an email and we will contact you back as soon as we can.

  • Website Layout

Navigating around Ads2trade is rather simple, on the left-hand side of the main Ads2Trade search page (if you are not on the search page you can select the word “Search” with the magnifying glass icon on the top of the blue menu bar to get there)

(example of search button)

The Ads2Trade logo is situated to the top of the page and to the left, slightly below it you will see a location type box this will help you navigate to the area in which you would like to select potential deals, there are more buttons leading to features such as searching by using the media type button to select an instant filter for media types, more filters button to filter through assets for a more in depth search and selecting through start dates and end dates for your campaign’s specific needs.

There are also 3 view types to preview deals, below you will see their corresponding icon buttons:

  For those who prefer a larger image view, this icon will display two assets in width with the images of the asset displayed with the most basic of needed information.

  This icon view displays a smaller image with more information detailing the asset for those who want a quick view of the basics plus a little extra information

  There is also a list icon for those who wish to view the assets without their images for many reasons, for example an admin may want to only view the assets without their images as they can view more assets this way.

To view the in-depth details of an asset you may click on the image of any of the assets to view the entire asset and asset information in a new pop up window.

To the right of the page is Ads2Trade’s map just below the blue menu bar, making use of the same functions as google maps there are different map views. There are more search features within the map making use of locating Point of interest’s that may be beneficial for reports or many other uses.

to know more about our map please visit the link Using the Map here.

Just above the map is the blue menu bar, here you can navigate through all of Ads2Trade’s features including our help section.

Example of Blue menu bar


to know more about our help section please see the link Getting Help here.