Campaign statuses are the stages 1 through to 8 of setting up your campaign

  • Draft
  • Draft stage is when you have just set up your campaign, and it has not yet been sent for verification. This step happens automatically once you select create campaign.
  • Submitted for verification
  • This is the first stage when you’re awaiting approval from an Ads2Trade admin for your contract to be evaluated. Depending on your profile verification you may need to wait for an admin’s approval, however, if your vetting states as such, it may be automatically approved.
  • Awaiting documentation
  • Documentation is your contract and terms and conditions. Here is where you can view your contract, and print it for sign off. Then you will send it back to the Ads2Trade admin for further confirmation. It will come up as a blue button, left aligned, to the awaiting documentation stage saying view contract.
  • Awaiting Payment
  • Once contract is signed and accepted you will receive a blue button stating select payment option here you can choose your billing type. Here a media buyer will assure their payment with a proof of payment.
    To understand all the types of billing please see the link Billing here.
  • Awaiting final approval
  • This stage is when the campaign is waiting for the final go ahead from council members, and artworks are approved for printing and flighting purposes. All contracts uploaded are signed and evaluated by the appropriate authorities.
  • Campaign preparation
  • Preparation is when the printed artworks are prepared for flighting and the campaign is ready to be set up on their space ready for advertisement.
  • Campaign in progress
  • In progress refers to the campaign having been flighted, and is now available for the public eye to see. Here the Media Buyer is provided with proof of flight to assure the client their campaign is correct and meets the client’s needs and requests.
  • Campaign completed
  • After pictures of proof of flighting have been uploaded to Ads2Trade and it reaches the end date for the campaign it will state here that the campaign has reached its completion.
  • Campaign cancelled
  • This section isn’t a stage, however it is needed at the bottom of the list of stages to indicate if this contract has been cancelled for whatever reason. A note on this. A campaign can only be cancelled before payment has been made.