What is Ads2Trade
Ads2Trade is a self-service platform for advertising, buying, and measuring outdoor advertising anywhere internationally. It’s a self-service portal, that allows one to campaign and advertise various medium of stock, such as Billboards, Street Pole Ads, Bus Shelters, and other street furniture, such as bins, as well as building wraps. Ads2Trade helps businesses large and small quantify the impact of their spend.
How does it work?
Ads2Trade allows you to build your own campaign, with a combination of the medium of various stock on the portal, giving you the ability to design your own campaign, as well preference and money’s worth, on your own company template. Register for free, proceed with your proposal. Send proposals, contracts as a web link under your own brand and allow customers to zoom, select or deselect.
You can use Ads2Trade’s street view feature to review the real-world view of the location/s you’re interested in. To contract, upload artwork, or getting one of our in house Graphic Designers to assist with creative, should you not have your own, various payment methods, sit back watch your ads make money for you.
What steps are involved in booking an outdoor advertising campaign?
  • Registering
  • Planning
  • Hold
  • Agreement/Contract
  • Design asset upload
  • Proof of posting
How do I know I’m getting the best price?
Not only does Ads2Trade show you the average rates by market, but it's you that creates and displays at what pricing you want to trade at. Same applies to discounts, which is solely your discretion.
How much does it cost?
At Ads2Trade, we pride ourselves on being the most data-driven place to buy and sell outdoor advertising. In addition to these metrics, we work with clients to track geo-located awareness and attribution lift, track location-based mobile ads, and integrate with Google Analytics and AdWords to show the offline to online impacts your outdoor campaign is driving online.
Who handles production and installation when I book locations through Ads2Trade?
Ads2Trade works with media vendors to make sure your creative is printed and displayed on time. If you prefer to handle your own printing, you can do so, or seek the aid of one of our in house Graphic Designers, who will readily assist.
Can you help with designing my creative?
Yes—based on the locations you’ve confirmed in your campaign we have versatile designers & writers who can help you create impressionable artwork that’s mind blowing to get your message across with the right tone.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card (2.9% fee), EFT………………….. your company’s vendor payables policy.
Does Ads2Trade own billboards?
No—Ads2Trade doesn’t own any media locations. Ads2Trade’s platform makes buying and selling outdoor ads easier to buy/sell as all media buyers or media owners advertise on this portal
I’m a media owner - how can I work with Ads2Trade?
Ads2Trade has developed tools and technology to make you run efficiently with buy adding your forms of advertising on the Ads2Trade portal from inventory management, to RFP response, to payment acceptance and more. Please email one of our team members for a step by step explanation.
I’m not in the city that my campaign is running in. How will I know what the locations actually look like and when my ad has been posted?
You can use Ads2Trade’s street view feature to review the real-world view of the location you’re interested in, as well as getting mail or an sms to alert you.